Himalayan Crystal Salt Plates/Rocks


This special platter gives you a whole new way to cook and serve your favourite dishes or snacks. A Himalayan crystal salt slab will add real flair to your table; it looks great, plus it adds a subtle salty flavour to your food with no need for extra seasoning. Hot or cold, savoury or sweet, there are so many foods you can serve up on a Himalayan salt platter. Even the plainest dish takes on a new aesthetic appeal when presented on one of these pink salt slabs. The salt is harvested in pristine conditions, and has not been processed or contaminated with additives.


Himalayan Crystal Salt Plates/Rocks

  • 10x10x3cm (small)                          R100.00  Excluded Postage
  • 20x10x3cm (medium)                     R200.00 Excluded Postage
  • 20x20x3cm                                       R400.00  Excluded Postage
  • 25x20x5cm (large)                           R545.00  Excluded Postage


  • Subtly adds salty flavour to your foods
  • A rich source of trace minerals
  • Beautiful natural pink, orange & red hues
  • Versatile & can be used for a huge variety of dishes
  • Can be heated, chilled or used at room temperature

Please Note: This product is made from 100% natural salt; colour and surface texture will vary.

Available in a choice of sizes:

  • 10x10x3cm (small)
  • 20x10x3cm (medium)
  • 20x20x3cm
  • 25x20x5cm (large)

Top Tips:

You can try serving the following cold or chilled dishes and snacks on your Himalayan crystal salt plate:

  • Salad, cheeses & crackers
  • Slices apples & watermelon, garnished with mint
  • Fresh grilled vegetables & dressing
  • Carpaccio or sushi with cold rice noodles

Please Note: When heated, your salt block may change colour and develop fissures. These salt blocks take on a life of their own once you start using them; this is normal and part of the salt’s natural charm.

If you prefer not to change the appearance of your salt block, use it to serve only cold foods rather than heated or cooked foods.


  • First make sure your salt plate is completely dry. (If it is wet, allow to dry at least 14 hours in a warm, dry place before heating.)
  • Gas ranges: Place the block on a burner over a low flame.
  • Electric ranges: Place a metal spacer (eg wok ring, pastry tin with removable base) on the stove, to keep the salt block at least half an inch above the heating element.
  • After 20 minutes, turn up the heat to low-medium.
  • After 10 minutes at low-medium, the salt block will be hot enough for cooking. (You can test this by flicking a drop of water onto the slab; if it sizzles, the temperature is high enough.)
  • Add the food of your choice, cook & serve. No seasoning necessary.

Care Instructions

  • After use, gently clean your salt plate with a damp cloth.
  • Do not use detergent or place the plate under running water.
  • NOT suitable for dishwashers.
  • Always ensure your salt plate is completely dry before the next use.